Loading Filament Externally (Recommended)

Loading Filament Externally

Loading filament externally is our recommended option as it is easier and will not run into friction issues that the internal port can. Also, filaments like our Tough and Carbon Fiber will not work in the internal port and are for external printing only. External printing has other benefits like swapping filaments/colors and loading spools that are larger than the internal port can take. 



Plug your printer into the computer and load the M3D software. You will know your printer is connected when the printers serial number has appeared in the upper right hand corner.



Next, you will want to click on "3D Ink" in the upper left hand corner. 


A new window will pop up after clicking "3D Ink". This menu will allow you to see what filament profile is currently loaded and what temperatures the filament will print at. Since there is no filament currently loaded it should look like the photo below. You will now want to click on the "Inset Filament" button towards the bottom. 


After clicking on "Insert Filament", you will be asked to enter your filaments cheat code. This code will be found on the side of all M3D branded filament. If you are using a filament from a third party, you can use the following code: PLA - 215 degrees. Printing temperatures can be adjusted and we will show you how later in this guide. Once you have entered the code please click "Next". 


If you used the code found on the side of your spool please ignore this next step and move onto step 5. If you used code "PLA" then this next step will ask you for your color. This step is only important if you have set up or are planning to setup custom filament profiles. Filament profiles will allow you to setup custom printing temperatures when using code "PLA". Please refer to the Custom Filament Profile guide for more information.  


After entering in your filaments cheat code you will be asked what size spool you are using. The Micro Spool is for any of our 250ft filament spools. Pro spools refer to our 500ft filament spools. If you are using a third party spool then we recommend clicking the "Pro Spool" option. 


After selecting your spool, you will be asked if the spool you are loading is new or not. If it is a brand new spool that has not been printed with yet then please select yes. If not then please select no. 


Next, the software will ask you for the port you are loading the filament into. Please select the "External" option on the right. 


Next, the extruder will move and the nozzle will start the heating process. 



After the nozzle has reached the desired temperatures, the software will ask you to load in your filament. Please follow the next steps to insert your filament. 

*Photo of the external port*


Once you have located the external port, please insert your filament. You may need to press down a little hard for the gear to catch the filament. You may let go once the gear has grabbed the strand. Soon your loaded filament will exit the nozzle. 



If you do not have a external spool holder you can still load externally by placing the spool next to the printer and uncoil a good amount off the spool. An example of this below. 



The software will next ask you if the filament has exited the nozzle. If it has not, please click no and follow step 9 again. If the filament has exited the nozzle then you may hit yes. 

Step. 11

The software will then ask you to clean the nozzle of any unwanted filament or residue. We recommend using a non-flammable tool to gently clean and remove any filament stuck to the nozzle tip.


Your filament is now loaded! You may now move onto loading a model in and starting a print. 


Adjusting Temperatures

If you would like to adjust your printing temperatures please click on the cog wheel in the upper right hand corner.

In this next window you will be able to change the current printing temperatures. Some profiles will only allow you to adjust the temperature to a set amount (PLA will allow you to go up to 240 degrees).