MicroSD Card Replacement Guide

In this guide, we will explain how to replace the microSD card on the PCB for the M3D PRO. You will need a 2.0mm hex screwdriver for the disassembly and you’ll want to be in an antistatic environment. Some electronics will be exposed during the disassembly and there is a chance you could damage them. We recommend not working on a carpeted area and to discharge before working. You can do this by touching something metal (Not the printer) for at least one second. Wearing an antistatic wrist-wrap would be good. Link for a wrist-wrap here https://www.amazon.com/Rosewill-Anti-Static-Components-RTK-002-Yellow/dp/B004N8ZQKY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1494531998&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=anti+static+wrist+strap&psc=1 Although, it is highly recommended to use an antistatic wrist-wrap, if you do not have access to the antistatic wrist-wrap, you can do the repair process by having a metal contact to your body throughout the repair.

1. Remove the print bed as shown in the picture below:

2.Raise the print head all the way at the top. Remove the four 2mm hex drive screws that holds the top of the base (fluff).

3. Pull the top of the base (fluff) up.

4. This is how the top of the base (fluff) should be raised.

5.There are two method on how you can replace the microSD card. The first one is without removing the rear cube cover and the PCB. The second method is taking the rear cube cover and the PCB. Please note the first method is a very advanced option, and although it is less work in terms off taking of the parts, taking out and inserting the SD card in this process is very tedious. The second option is recommended.

6.In the first method, after moving the print head all the way and taking the fluff off as shown in the picture in step 4, get to the PCB that is mounted under the sheet metal at the backside of the printer. The SD card is located on the PCB as shown in the picture below:

7. Take a nose plier and insert the plier a shown in the picture below to take the SD card out.

8.This is how the plier with the SD card looks like once the SD card has been removed from the PCB.

9.Now insert the formatted or new SD card in the same manner by placing it on a nose plier and seating it into its slot on the PCB as shown in the picture below:

10. In the second process, remove the rear cube of the printer as shown in the picture below:

11. Now remove the screws that secure the PCB on to the sheet metal as shown below:

12. After taking out the PCB, you will be able to see the SD card, as shown in the picture below:

13.Remove the SD card and then after formatting/replacing it, seat it properly into its place. The SD card should be pushed all the way back into place. Now put the screws that holds the PCB to the sheet metal back on and install the cube rear cover as shown and this complete the SD card replacement process.