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Manually Adjust Print Bed Offset Values

If you're having issues with prints not sticking to the print bed or rafts that stick too much, this guide will help to fine tune your offset values to alleviate these issues.


  1. Start by navigating to the drive system calibration screen and click the button to initiate the calibration. This will cause the printer to measure five locations on the print bed to reestablish the offset heights.


  2. This process is not perfect and it is likely you will need to fine tune things once the calibration has finished. Print a test border to get an idea of how the print is sticking to the print bed.
  3. Closely inspect the test border and decide if the offset values are good, too low or too high (see photos below).


  4. Once you have determined if you need to raise or lower the four corner offset values, use the cat screen to make adjustments by using the individual corner up and down arrows. Use the Bed Height Offset field to adjust the entire offset of the gantries which includes the center and the four corners. Click apply to save the adjusted values.

  5. We recommend adjusting the values by 0.2 or 0.4 depending on how off each bed point looks. Adjust as necessary and reprint the test border. Try to get the test border to look like the picture of a good test border above.
  6. Once the test border looks accurate and peels off of the print bed easily, try printing a part with a raft. If the part can be removed from the raft without much force you have tuned your offset values. If it's sticking too much or too little, adjust the overall offset value by 0.2 until you're able to get the raft to peel off the part without much hassle.


Peeling Issue:

If your prints begin to have peeling issues near the edges similarly to the photo below, then you simply need to lower the overall offset height. Begin by lowering -0.20 and then try printing a part. Continue lowering by -0.20 until the prints stop peeling.