In this guide, we will explain how to replace the nozzle subassembly for the M3D PRO. You will need a 6.0mm hex spanner for the disassembly and you’ll want to be in a antistatic environment. Some electronics will be exposed during the disassembly and there is a chance you could damage them. We recommend not working on a carpeted area and to discharge before

working. You can do this by touching something metal (Not the printer) for at least one second. Wearing an antistatic wrist-wrap would be good. Link for a wrist-wrap here Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1494531998&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=anti+static+wrist+strap& psc=1 Although, it is highly recommended to use an antistatic wrist-wrap, if you do not have access to the antistatic wrist-wrap, you can do the repair process by having a metal contact

to your body throughout the repair.

  1. In order to replace the nozzle subassembly, first you need to remove the print head front cover as shown in the picture below:

    2. Next remove the clear Wall-E cover as shown in the picture below:

    3. Now you would need to take our the print head, in order to get access to the nozzle by removing the X rod and rack from its respective sliders as shown in the picture below:

    4. This is how the print head should look like once the X rod and rack are removed.


    5. Now, you need to remove the two parallel screws that holds the extruder housing to the X housing as shown in the two pictures below:  

    6. Once you remove the two parallel screws, this is how the extruder housing should come out.


    7.    In order to remove the nozzle, you would be needing a 6.0 mm hex spanner as shown in the picture below:


    8. Now remove the nozzle by placing the 6.0 mm spanner against the nozzle as shown in the picture. One or two click shown loosen the nozzle.

    9. Once you loosen the nozzle, make sure to not remove the nozzle just yet. First you need to remove the heater cable and then the thermistor cable as shown in the pictures below. To remove the nozzle you will need a tweezer to pull the thermistor wire out.


    10. Finally, once the thermistor and heater wires are removed, take out the loosened nozzle by spinning it with hand. Please be extra careful that you remove the heater wire and thermistor wire first otherwise there is a good chance that they might snapped if not removed first

    11. Once the old nozzle is removed, put the new nozzle back by first spinning the nozzle with hand and then tightening it with one or two turns using the 6.0 hex spanner.

    12. Once you install the nozzle, next step is to connect the extruder housing to the X housing. To do this make sure the two parallel holes are aligned with the holes on the X housing and the extruder housing is pushed back such that the extruder housing and X housing holes are collinear.

    13. Finally, put the two screws back into their respective parallel holes as shown in the picture below.