PRO Z-Belt Replacement Guide



In this guide, we will explain how to replace the Z belt for the M3D PRO. You will need a 2.0mm hex screwdriver for the disassembly and you’ll want to be in an anti-static environment. Some electronics will be exposed during the disassembly and there is a chance you could damage them. We recommend not working on a carpeted area and to discharge before working. You can do this by touching something metal (Not the printer) for at least one second. Wearing an antistatic wrist-wrap would be good. Link for a wrist-wrap here Although, it is highly recommended to use an antistatic wrist-wrap, if you do not have access to the antistatic wrist-wrap, you can do the repair process by having a metal contact to your body throughout the repair.


NOTE: If your printer does not come with belt tensioner and you need to mount the belt tensioner send to you by M3D, then please scroll down towards the end of the guide for special instructions on how to mount the belt tensioner.


  1. Remove the print bed as shown in the picture below:



2. Remove the four 2mm hex drive screws that hold the top of the base (fluff). 


3. Pull the top of the base (fluff) up.


4. This is how the top of the base (fluff) should be raised.



5. Next, remove the 2mm hex drive screws that secure the front and rear cube plastic parts.


6. This is how the printer should look like after removing the cube front.



7. Now, remove the rear cube part as shown in the picture below.


8. If the print head is too low, twist the threaded rods in order to raise it up further.



9. The Z belt is supposed to pass under a plastic encoder holder, which is located at the right rear.



10. Pull the X rod from the gantries and slide the Z belt around the outside of the four threaded rods. IMG_7732.JPG



11. Align the belt around the pulleys. Pull the left rear threaded rod up to allow slack for the Z belt to go around the four threaded rods.


12. Bring the gantries to the top to align them. The front left and right corners should be 2 mm lower than the rears.



13. Now, install the column left and right as shown in the picture. 




14. Similarly, install the cube rear and cube front as shown in the pictures below.


15. Make sure the rear wire is adjusted as shown in the picture below


16. Now, press down the top of the base (fluff), making sure not to pinch any wires. The internal tube grommet should slide into the slot of the fluff as the fluff is lowered. 


17. Finally, install the four 2mm hex drive screw to secure the fluff and then install the print bed to finish the assembly.



Special Instructions:


If your printer does not have the belt tensioner, please use following steps:


1.  For mounting the belt tensioner, you need to first install a washer as shown in the picture below:




2. Place the washer on the top of the bold that is at the right rear of the printer with the M3D logo facing you as shown in the picture below:



3. Once the washer is placed, put just a drop of super glue on the inside part of the washer in order for the belt tensioner to glue on the washer. This how the glue is placed on the washer that will come with the belt tensioner:


4. Now place the belt tensioner on the washer such that the belt tensioner glues to the washer but still turns freely as shown in the picture below:



5. Now the z-belt should be placed on all four sides as already instructed in the steps mentioned earlier in the guide. We show you again through some pictures on how is the belt being put together on all the four corners:




NOTE: Please take extra precaution while putting the z belt on the rear of the printer as the belt is looped around the pulleys as shown in the above picture rather than at the front where there is no loop.