M3D Micro+ Downloads


Download the Latest Version.

Use the download links directly below to get the latest software for the M3D Micro+. Original M3D Micro users please read further below.

CAUTION to M3D Micro users attempting to use this software: While this software is capable of controlling a M3D Micro printer, it is intended for Micro+ users and has not been fully tested for backward compatibility with the Micro. Use of this software to control a Micro is at your own risk.

For the latest supported version of Micro software, return to safety here. A future software release will support all M3D printers without this limitation.

Linux   Download  v1.8.2.0   MD5 

Mac   Download  v1.8.1.0  MD5

Windows  Download  v1.8.0.0  MD5

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The M3D Micro+ User Manual.