Adjusting Backlash Speed

With the newest version of software, you are now able to adjust the backlash speed. Some users have found that setting a lower backlash speed may reduce y-skipping. Below are the steps to access the setting to change the backlash speed.

Note: You do not need to change the backlash speed by default. This is only necessary in order to help reduce skipping if your printer is experiencing said skipping.

  1. With printer on and connected, click the gear in the upper right hand corner to access settings


  2. Navigate to the advanced settings tab and click the checkbox labeled "Expert Mode"


  3. Once the spooler window has popped up, click the "Backlash Settings" button


  4. The backlash settings window will pop up and the backlash speed should be set to the default setting of 2900
  5. Change the backlash speed to 1500 and click "Ok"


  6. The backlash speed is now updated and the lower backlash speed should help to reduce skipping issues