Using NetFabb basic to make downloaded thingiverse models printable

If you have downloaded a model from it should just work! We agree! Sadly, thingiverse does not test the model for printability. However, all is not lost, we have made instructions on how to fix this, so please follow along with this scan of the University of Maryland mascot statue.


1. If the model is all black the model's normals are pointing inward and the Cura slicer can figure out that the normals need to be flipped. 


2. However, in this model, the normals are half and half so the result after printing is... 





3. The solution (for now) is to download Netfabb basic from this link. Then open the model in Netfabb, you will see a Red Warning symbol at the bottom right. Most of the time netfabb's automated fixer can fix the model. 





4. Just click Extras -> repair part -> at the bottom right click automatic repair, basic repair -> click apply repair -> remove old part -> and save





5. No more warnings!





6. Right click on the model under parts and select export part -> as STL.


7. Re load the fixed model into the M3D Software and ... success.


Last Updated: Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 8:32 PM