Directory of 3 - 5 Lesson Plans

Plan Name Grade Level Description Science Technology Engineering Art Math
Print Bugs 3-5 Students print bugs and create a listing of different bugs x        
Print Leaves 3-5 Students print leaves and create a listing of different leaves x        
Gear Ratios 3-5 Students print a platform, a crank, and a variety of gears. The gears are each labeled with their diameter. The Students can create a unique drivetrain and calculate the gear ratio.   x x   x
Print A Plane 3-5 Students search M3D model airlane library and print a plane   x      
Assemble A Plane 3-5 Students print and assemble a plane puzzle.   x x    
Catapults 3-5 Students print catapults of different sizes and measure the distance each one shoots     x    
Paint A Puzzle 3-5 Students will print a puzzle and paint it       x  
Multiplication Table 3-5 Students print out a multiplication table         x
3D shapes 3-5 Students print 3D shapes with the name of the shape on them         x